Glass is Tomorrow

Nude Glass / Şişecam


5th ‘Glass is Tomorrow’ workshop, inside the production facilities of one of the world’s top three home glassware manufacturers, the ‘Sişecam Group’ in Denizli, Turkey. the workshop aimed to push the boundary of technique, process, material, and aesthetics (the appreciation of glass as a creative medium). Glass is Tomorrow is an european network which aims at establishing a more fluid exchange of knowledge and competencies between glass and design professionals in Europe. the project hopes to open up new potentialities and to generate dialogue about the conception, production and distribution of contemporary glass works.

The Glass is Tomorrow workshop in Denizli apart from being a week of intense work was a fantastic social experience and a great cultural exchange. We got to learn a lot about various glass blowing techniques, in particular the free blowing and moulding. We used both of them, as well as modification of existing moulds from the Pasabace factory, to create 6 new projects, that explore the use and properties of glass in different ways. Gosia & Tomek Rygalik

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