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Tomek Rygalik

Designer, curator, and educator with a Ph.D. He studied architecture at the Technical University of Lodz, and graduated in Industrial Design from the Pratt Institute in New York. After graduating from the Royal College of Art, he joined the RCA staff as a Research Associate. In 2006 he established Studio Rygalik. He is a professor and Head of Graduate Studies at the Design Department of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He designs for companies including Moroso, Noti, Comforty, Paged,  Ghidini, Cappellini, Profim, Ideal Standard, Siemens, Heineken and Ikea. Since 2010 he has also been creative director for leading Polish brands. He also works with cultural institutions, including The Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Polish National Opera, The Museum of the History of the Polish Jews, BOZAR, Zachęta, The Frederic Chopin Museum, The National Museum, and the Polish Culture Institute. He was the architect of the Polish Presidency of the EU Council. Many of his projects are presented in the permanent exhibition of the National Museum in Warsaw. In 2015 he established the brand TRE Product, and since 2016 he has been developing the interdisciplinary platform Design Nature and the creative campus Sobole.

Gosia Rygalik

Designer, also active in the fields of education and culture. She graduated from the Design Department at Warsaw’s Academy of Fine Arts, and also studied at Danmarks Designskole, gaining her first professional design experiences in Copenhagen. During her studies she was a member of the PG13 platform – responding to experimental design briefs, exhibiting, organizing and taking part in design workshops and competitions as well as industry supported projects. Her MA studies were focused on experiencing food. The relationship between design and food is an important field of her research and practice. In 2009 she joined Studio Rygalik to become a partner in 2012. She created and leads the 3D Design course at Akademeia High School. President of Sobole foundation engaged in design and culture, co-founder of the interdisciplinary platform Design Nature and the creative campus Sobole.

Gosia Rygalik_photo-Monika Olszewska

Studio Rygalik

Studio Rygalik represents and promotes a sensible, holistic approach towards design. The work is focused on sustainability, responsible consumption of material goods and the resources of our planet.

Studio Rygalik develops a wide variety of comprehensive projects. The focus is on furniture, products and spaces. The scope is wide – from design, development and implementation of new products, through interior design of public and commercial spaces, to site-specific installations, design & build and production of limited editions, as well as objects, dining experiences and workshops. The team remains on the fringe of distinctly commercial activities, while engaging in cultural practices and building its experimental identity. The work includes projects for Absolut, AHEC, Artek, Bozar, Cappellini, Comforty, Dupont/Corian, Ghidini, Heal’s, Heineken, Ideal Standard, Ikea, Krups, Moroso, Noti, Paged, Pfleiderer, Polin Museum, Profim, Siemens, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera and EU Presidency. Over the last few years the work was exhibited in Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Lodz, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Tokyo, Poznan, Paris, Warsaw, Valencia and Vienna. It was also published internationally in magazine articles and press features, including Icon, Interni, Wallpaper, Experimenta, Blueprint, New York Times, Financial Times and Forbes.

Studio Rygalik was established by Tomek Rygalik in 2006. For the first two years it functioned between London and Lodz, Tomek’s hometown. Since 2009 the Studio is based in Warsaw. This is when Gosia Rygalik joined the team to become a partner in 2012. In 2020 Studio Rygalik is launching an advanced and versatile R&D center equipped with latest prototyping technologies, located in the creative campus Sobole.


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