Studio Rygalik

Studio Rygalik represents and promotes a sensible, holistic approach towards design. The work is focused on sustainability, responsible consumption of material goods and the resources of our planet.

Studio Rygalik develops a wide variety of comprehensive projects. The focus is on furniture, products and spaces. The scope is wide – from design, development and implementation of new products, through interior design of public and commercial spaces, to site-specific installations, design & build and production of limited editions, as well as objects, dining experiences and workshops. The team remains on the fringe of distinctly commercial activities, while engaging in cultural practices and building its experimental identity. The work includes projects for Absolut, AHEC, Artek, Bozar, Cappellini, Comforty, Dupont/Corian, Ghidini, Heal’s, Heineken, Ideal Standard, Ikea, Krups, Moroso, Noti, Paged, Pfleiderer, Polin Museum, Profim, Siemens, Teatr Wielki – Polish National Opera and EU Presidency. Over the last few years the work was exhibited in Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Lodz, London, Milan, Munich, New York, Tokyo, Poznan, Paris, Warsaw, Valencia and Vienna. It was also published internationally in magazine articles and press features, including Icon, Interni, Wallpaper, Experimenta, Blueprint, New York Times, Financial Times and Forbes.

Studio Rygalik was established by Tomek Rygalik in 2006. For the first two years it functioned between London and Lodz, Tomek’s hometown. Since 2009 the Studio is based in Warsaw. This is when Gosia Rygalik joined the team to become a partner in 2012. In 2020 Studio Rygalik is launching an advanced and versatile R&D center equipped with latest prototyping technologies, located in the creative campus Sobole.